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Epoxy powder coatings are the technology of choice for high-performance applications, and Coatech Epoxy Coatings will meet or exceed most performance expectations.
These coatings combine outstanding salt spray resistance and excellent chemical performance with exceptional film hardness. Our epoxy coatings are often selected for functional or corrosion-inhibiting applications, such as industrial equipment, under-hood automotive, pipe coatings or primers. In addition to outstanding performance, finishers can also benefit from a wide range of cure capabilities.


When you desire the mechanical film properties of an epoxy, but prefer the overbake stability of a polyester, hybrid technology is an excellent solution. Coatech Hybrid Powder
Coatings combine the technologies with exceptional transfer efficiency — giving you the ability to completely cover and protect many hard-to-coat parts. As the proven choice for many finishers, common end uses for Coatech Hybrid Powder Coatings include metal office furniture, store fixtures, electronic cabinetry and racking.


Polyester urethane technology provides a finish that lasts, and Coatech
PolyesterUrethane Coatings are no exception. Combining exceptional resistance to weathering and UV light with a unique high-definition finish, Coatech Polyester Urethanes are excellent choice for finishing lawn and garden equipment, outdoor furniture, electronic enclosures and automotive components.


Polyester powder coatings are the optimal choice when versatility is critical, and Coatech Polyester Coatings provide coating solutions for a wide range of applications and finishers.
Available in TGIC and TGIC-Free formulations, Coatech Polyester Coatings combine excellent color and gloss retention with great overbake stability and high-quality mechanical properties making them ideal for various applications, including electronic cabinetry, case goods, fencing, metal building products, lighting, furniture and heavy equipment.


Featuring 188 solid, high-gloss and satin sheen colors in Super Durable TGIC-Free Polyester technology, we deliver the exact color you need and fast turnaround to meet your tight deadlines.

Additional coatech products/technologies Include super
durable polyesters, super durable Urethanes, special
effects, such as spice and Metallics.

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