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The right color, when and where you need it. Our Coatech products are available in a wide assortment of colors, textures and glosses through our facility network. You can also choose from a range of technologies, including: epoxies, urethanes, hybrids, TGIC-free, primers, polyesters and specialty chemistries. Coatech Powder Coatings offer the breadth and flexibility you need for your finishing requirements, with a wide assortment of in-stock colors and textures, as well as special effect finishes and custom colors available just-in-time. Coatech color experts track international color preferences and the latest trends to develop new colors and palettes that differentiate our customers, support their brands. Our color stylists and chemists offer inspiring color services that deliver the ideal shade, tone, value and saturation every time, expertly taking color from conception to the market with batch-after-batch consistency. Whether you are running a job shop or a finishing line at an OEM, your manufacturing cannot halt. That’s why we offer a wide variety of in-stock powder coatings to support your operations, along with the technical support and expertise to keep your business on the move.
Color Services – COATECH – Powder Coating