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At Coatech Coatings we understand that you need flexibility, speed, quality powder and easy application when you powder coat. That’s why with Coatech powder coatings you’ll benefit from a range of different powder products, thousands of powder colors and effects, the capability to custom match a color quickly and in quantities that suit you, a customer service rep who’s supporting you, and technical support when you need it. No matter what size your operation is – a one man coating shop or full size automated coating line, and no matter whether you’re looking for quick turnaround polyesters or high grade architectural fluoropolymers, we are ready to support you. All our powders are designed to give excellent transfer efficiency, so you can keep your powder coating services moving. Our dedicated customer service team is waiting to help you with questions, queries and orders. We’ll keep things as simple and as efficient as possible so that you can focus on delivering a high quality powder coated finish. Our informative color charts, brochures and marketing materials are available for you to show or give to customers to help them make the decision on how to protect and decorate the product. As well as color cards and brochures, we also have our Coatech wall boards available for purchase, which allow you to showcase hundreds of powder colors for your customers. Contact us to order your copies or for more info. Our e-blasts keeps you up to date on new products, technical advice and information, powder colors, special offers and more. Email us to sign up to receive Coatech info by email.


At Coatech we have over 76,000 powder colors in our database, so it’s safe to say we can probably find the color or effect you need. We have thousands of standard colors such as blacks, whites, browns, greys, silvers, bronzes, with every variation in shade as well as those with textures, varying gloss levels or metallic added. Contact us to order your color cards.

Our color capability also includes ANSI, Federal Standards, Pantone matches and many more. We also boast the full RAL color collection – all 192 colors – and many colors in between, from ocean blues and forest greens to bright pinks and purples and daring orange and reds. There are also soft pastels, glow in the dark neons, nostalgic musty tones and more. 

Whatever color you choose, make sure you select a product chemistry suitable for the end use. We have thousands of colors, and many can be made in different product technologies so choose carefully. simply selecting the color without thinking about what the product needs to do (for example using an interior coating for an exterior application that needs to stand up to humidity or salt) often leads to dissatisfied customers blaming the powder or the applicator. Product selection is just as important as color! 


We can vary the gloss of most of our products, from flat mattes to high gloss sheens – whatever you need. Talk to us about your gloss requirements.


Coatech metallics are usually bonded to ensure a better-quality Pufinish and improved spray out. Whether its fine shimmery silvers, or a chunky look, we have a great selection of metallic effect powders to choose from.


Textured powders are a great way to add an additional dimension to a product. We have several textures available in a vast number of colors – including metallics – that can be as fine as confectioners sugar, or as heavy as an anti-skid powder. Talk to us about your needs.

Special effect

As well as metallics and textures, Coatech also offers a wide range of special effects, including hammertone, veins and multi-component effects. Check out some of the effects on the Coatech color card or talk to your representative about your particular needs.


We understand that sometimes your customer needs a very specific shade. That’s no problem. We can create custom color matches – including custom gloss, metallics of special effects, quickly and efficiently. The best way to do it is to send us a color standard or physical sample of what you’d like us to match to. We’ve had everything from paint and fabric swatches to metal parts and even a sneaker! Our color experts will quickly create a color match and send you samples. Talk to us about your custom color requirements.

Color Charts

We have a range of color charts available for you. The Coatech color chart gives a broad range of colors and effects available, with some of our most popular colors featured. There is also an RAL card, an architectural card and many more samples. With 55,000 colors matches, we obviously can’t put everything on our cards, so if you don’t see exactly what you need, ask! Contact us to order your copied today.


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