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Coatech architectural series, having the largest color database in the industry, contain durable powder coatings which provide convenience for architects. The products are specifically designed for being used in aluminum and metal systems. Our architectural powder coatings are classified into three:
Class 1 (Standard Durable Powder Coatings).
Class 2 (Super Durable Powder Coatings).
Class 3 (Hyper Durable Powder Coatings).
Some of our architectural powder coatings’ usage areas are as follows:
aluminum door and window systems, sunshades and perforated and expanded metal systems, facade elements, winter gardens and garage doors, aluminum railings and shutters, metal furniture, suspended ceilings.

• Aluminum doors/windows

• Curtain walls

• Facades

• Shutters and louvers

• Bathroom fixtures

• Mailboxes

• Ornamental Fencing

• Aluminum extrusions

• Metal gutters

• Downspouts

• Guard rails

• Structural steel

• Highway signs

Architectural Powder Coatings – COATECH – Powder Coating